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เดิมพันฟรี เกมพนันออนไลน์ ได้เงินจริง

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The?Pyrenees is a natural meeting place for anyone traveling from Melbourne, Ballarat, Bendigo or Mildura?with an?excellent roads network and numerous attractions unique to the Pyrenees. Holding a conference, workshop or special event has now been made easier with the development of our new website outlining the wide variety of locations to host quality events, conferences and weddings?within the region.

The?Pyrenees has a great variety of exceptional facilities and locations to make any event a memorable one. From a modern and comfortable conference facility which seats up to 700 or?meeting rooms and venues?with vineyard views.
What could be better than ending a?day?with a stunning view of the Pyrenees Ranges at?sunset. Click here to download the Pyrenees Conference Brochure

For event organisers sourcing information, advice and ideas, the?Pyrenees Shire is the essential first point of contact.
Complimentary services include assistance with:

  • Venue site inspections
  • Accommodation referral service
  • Promotional material, maps and more
  • Guidance in the organising of events
  • Promotion on the?Pyrenees Shire website and events calendar brochure.

If you require assistance with your event or would like further information please contact us.

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